How to stalk me, the easy version


Sorry for writing this post in my blog in English (Hebrew blog), I want my English speaking friends (on Facebook) to read it too.


When I program I sometimes deal with a complex task or with many ideas all at once by writing everything in messy code, then cleaning it up into something elegant.

When I organize papers and such (and those of you who've seen my mess know just what a task it can be) I often crowd a few spaces horribly, in a way where I can then turn the piles into something much less messy than what I started with.


So heck, I figured I'd do that with my brain too.


There are many ideas, experiences etc of different kinds that I want to share, and different people would like to read different things. So here's the mess of what I use at the moment:

  • I update this blog a little. Updates go on my Facebook Notes as well.
  • I write on Facebook Notes a bit, when it relates to Facebook or to my friends specifically. That's visible to friends and non-friends alike.
  • I update my status on Facebook (short ideas plus what I'm doing)
  • I update the more public status (e.g. ideas) in Twitter. That's because I've had strangers stumble into my FB profile and then tell me all about my life, which kind of freaks me out. Twitter updates Facebook, so if you're my friend on Facebook you get both.
    (except replies to other users on Twitter)
  • Interesting things to read are on tumblr. They don't fit here or on status applications.
  • Tumblr updates Facebook.
  • Both Twitter and Tumblr update the widgets in this blog.

See, I told you I make a mess as a step to cleaning up! On my side it's pretty easy though: I have a place to say short things to the world, a place to say long things, a place to say short things to my friends, and a place to share things I've found.


What does it mean for you, though, my friend?

  • If you're my friend on Facebook you can get everything through there (except Twitter replies, which aren't that important) – through the news page.
  • If you read my (Hebrew..) blog and follow the sidebar, you get my complete public profile. Pretty much everything except personal status ("Galia is at work" "Galia is tired" "Brushed my teeth today, maybe tomorrow I will too, we'll see")
  • If you want to RSS my ramblings, you can take the blog+Facebook, or blog version.
  • If you want to RSS my short stuff, use Twitter and Tumblr. You'll miss out on just some irrelevant bits.


All in all, it's not as complicated as it seems. And it will work out, as I've mentioned over and over, and besides – except status messages I don't create that much data anyway. I post in my blog around once a month, that's not much.


p.s. For Twitter on Facebook, I don't use the Twitter app – which requires the FB status to be public – I use a neat app called TwitterSync. It doesn't necessarily puts "is twittering" in your status and it lets you filter tweets with regex.

p.p.s. WordPress just won't let me change directionality. And it keeps entering blank paragraphs when I try to do so. GRR.

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